More than just a step ahead

ACES has recently taken on a new high technology tool, the "Raptor" Electric Patrol Vehicle (EPV) as part of security operations. The Raptor will greatly enhance public interfacing and safety roles whilst adding value and efficiency to ACES security operations. An increase in patrol distances covered and frequency of point checks 8 - 10 times that of foot patrols can be expected from the EPV.

The Raptor EPV will also enable ACES guards to safely, quietly and efficiently patrol diverse indoor and outdoor locations and respond rapidly and effectively to any emergency situation, all with zero emissions.

It’s over-car, high visibility, and attention grabbing properties provide operator safe mobility and an unmistakeable security presence, which has been proven to help reduce crime in various hotspots.

The Raptor is road registered with high efficiency electric hub motors, enabling it to travel up to 60 kilometres on one overnight charge, and up to 15,000 kilometres on approximately $100 of generated electricity. Alternately, it can be used continuously 24/7 through the use of "hot swap" battery sets.

ACES are proudly an early adopter of this new security technology, which is an environmentally sustainable transport solution that assists with combating climate change through reduced CO2 pollution production.

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