ACES Rangers Life Saving Effort

ACES Security Rangers: Heather, Sherrie, Mark and Zoran

The swift actions, teamwork and skill of ACES Security Rangers has helped save the life of a 60 year old man who suffered a cardiac arrest whilst cycling through parkland on Saturday. Rangers Zoran, Heather, Mark and Sherrie attended to a male cyclist after being contacted by Jennifer who had observed the cyclist on the ground.

Mark took over performing CPR from a female patron on the unconscious male until Ambulance services arrived to transport the patient to St Vincent's Hospital. The 60 year has undergone surgery and is currently recovering from the ordeal.

Travis Semmens, Managing director of ACES has commended the efforts and actions of the team.

“I would like to recognise, congratulate and commend the efforts of the Ranger Team including Mark, Zoran, Heather and Sherrie who helped save the life of a member of the public that had gone into cardiac arrest. Their actions, teamwork, skill and professionalism was outstanding.” 

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