ACES innovations - cultivating careers and empowering the security industry

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With the rapid growth in technology, ACESGroup is embracing the future of security and safety through programs and initiatives that skill people to work with specialty security products. Adapting to the new technology mindset and investing in smart platforms is not only helping future proof careers, but allowing ACES to lead the industry through innovation.

ACES has recently showcased such innovation with the deployment of Dynamic Crowd Measurement (DCM) at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. DCM is decision support software used for crowd management, safety and planning. The platform enables the automated collection of unbiased and accurate data on crowd behaviour. It examines the relationship between crowd density, mood and flow to provide insights for planning input, crowd safety and real-time crowd management. The Machine Learning capabilities of DCM allow it to be increasingly predictive in the analysis of crowd behaviour, making it a valuable tool for decision making under time-critical conditions.

Pictured discussing the real-time reports provided by the DCM software at the Sydney Royal Easter Show are Travis Semmens, Managing Director of ACESGroup and Eric Chung, Technology Manager.    

Avert Assure at the Ford Ranger Raptor Drive Experience in Northern Territory